Autumn Ticklist

Autumn is quickly approaching, it is literally my favourite time of the year! The colours, the smells, the excitement of Christmas coming and of course everything feels cosy and snugglier in autumn. 

I decided today to make an Autumn Ticklist (any excuse to make a list, I love them 😂) of all the things that I hope will help us fully celebrate and relish in the brilliance of Autumn. It is somewhat basic looking as we’ve run out of ink in our computer, but just incase anyone fancied printing it out or borrowing the ideas I thought i would share it here:

Autumn Ticklist:

  • Nature Treasure Hunt
  • Collecting Conkers
  • Conker Wars

I’m so excited for autumn and being able to sink our teeth into these Ticklist ideas! I would love to hear of any additional ideas of autumn arts and crafts 

🍁 Chatty 🍁



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